Metro Web Service Stack
Installing Metro to Web Containers

Implementation Version: 1.5 FCS

Installing Metro

The metro directory contains two ant files, metro-on-glassfish.xml and metro-on-tomcat.xml. These two files are used to install the Metro binaries into the respective web containers. That procedure is explained next.


To install Metro into GlassFish, you must pass the name of the GlassFish top-level directory into ant. For this example that information is passed as an ant property value on the command line. To shutdown the instance of GlassFish into which you are installing Metro, change directories, invoke the install target, and then restart the GlassFish instance, please run the following sequence of commands:

asadmin stop-domain domain1
ant -Das.home=<GF_INSTALL_DIR> -f <METRO_INSTALL_DIR>/metro-on-glassfish.xml install
asadmin start-domain domain1

This process copies the two Metro jar files into your GlassFish installation's lib directory and make the necessary classpath alterations in the domain configuration file: domain.xml. It will also update the classpath for the utility script files: wsimport and wsgen.


The installation process for Tomcat is very similar to that of GlassFish. Again, the top-level directory of the Tomcat installation is passed as an argument to the ant command. To shutdown Tomcat, change directories, invoke ant, and restart Tomcat by executing these commands: stop
ant -Dtomcat.home=<TOMCAT_INSTALL_DIR> -f <METRO_INSTALL_DIR>/metro-on-tomcat.xml install start

For Tomcat, the installation process copies the two Metro jar files into Tomcat's shared/lib directory. No Tomcat configuration files are modified.

Updating Metro

Once Metro has been installed to a web container, it can be updated with new versions of the Metro binaries. To update the jars, follow the same steps used for the initial install, shown above. For GlassFish, the second and subsequent installs will only update the Metro binaries; no configuration files will be modified.

Uninstalling Metro

To remove the Metro binaries and configuration changes from your web container, the steps are almost identical to the install process. The following steps will restore your web container to the state it was in before Metro installation.


asadmin stop-domain domain1
ant -Das.home=<GF_INSTALL_DIR> -f <METRO_INSTALL_DIR>/metro-on-glassfish.xml uninstall
asadmin start-domain domain1

Tomcat stop
ant -Dtomcat.home=<TOMCAT_INSTALL_DIR> -f <METRO_INSTALL_DIR>/metro-on-tomcat.xml uninstall start 

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