Metro Users Guide

Last Published: Sun Apr 12 09:01:07 PDT 2009

This document explains various interesting/complex/tricky aspects of Metro, based on questions posted on the Metro users forum and answers provided. This is still a work-in-progress. Any feedback is appreciated.

1. Introduction to Metro

2. Using Metro

3. Compiling WSDL



6. Processing Large Data

7. Metro Example Using a Web Container and NetBeans IDE

8. Bootstrapping and Configuration

9. Message Optimization

10. SOAP/TCP Web Service transport

11. Using Reliable Messaging

12. Using WSIT Security

13. WSIT Security Features: Advanced Topics

14. WSIT Example Using a Web Container Without NetBeans IDE

15. Accessing Metro Services Using WCF Clients

16. Data Contracts

17. Using Atomic Transactions

18. Managing Policies

19. Using Metro With Spring

20. Further Information

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