9.6. Configuring Web Service client to operate over SOAP/TCP transport

To use the IDE to configure a web service client transport, perform the following steps.

To Configure SOAP/TCP transport in a Web Service client

  1. In the IDE Projects window, expand the Web Service References node, right-click the CalculatorWSService node, and choose Edit Web Service Attributes.

    The Web Service Attributes editor appears.

  2. Select the Automatically Select Optimal Transport (HTTP/TCP) check box, as shown in Enabling SOAP/TCP for a Web Service client, and click OK.

    This setting configures the web service client to choose SOAP/TCP transport as prefferable, when working with a Web Service.

    Enabling SOAP/TCP for a Web Service client
    Screen shot of SOAP/TCP checkbox

    After checking the SOAP/TCP check box, new policy assertions will be added to the Web Service client policy configuration file. Open CalculatorWSService.xml file, which is situated under the project's Source Packages/META-INF folder.

    The following WSIT tags related to SOAP/TCP display in the Web Service client configuration file:

                        <wsp:Policy wsu:Id="CalculatorWSPortBindingPolicy">

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