2.9. Handlers and MessageContext

2.9.1. MessageContext in JAX-WS

A little bit about Message Context in JAX-WS :This article explains about the context that is avaiable to Client application, Handlers and Service that can be used to access/propagate additional contextual information.

2.9.2. Handlers in JAX-WS

Introduction to Handlers in JAX-WS: This article introduces to Handler framework in JAX-WS.

Configuring, Packaging, and Deploying Handlers on the Server: This article explains server-side configuration of handlers and deployment options.

Configuring JAX-WS Handlers on the Client:This article explains client-side configuration of handlers.

2.9.3. Efficient Handlers in JAX-WS RI

Extend your Web Service applications with the new efficient Handlers in JAX-WS RI : Use this RI extension to take advantage of the JAX-WS RI's Message API for efficient access to message and other contextual information.

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